Wyoming’s Crypto Revolution: How the State’s Bold Moves Attract Jobs and Innovation

Wyoming’s Crypto Revolution: How the State’s Bold Moves Attract Jobs and Innovation


Wyoming, a state in the western region of the United States, is becoming known as the “crypto capital” of the nation due to its progressive policies and bold moves to attract cryptocurrency businesses. In 2018, the state passed 13 blockchain-related bills, making it the first state to create a comprehensive legal framework for blockchain technology. These actions have put Wyoming at the forefront of the crypto revolution, attracting businesses and creating jobs. In this article, we will delve deeper into the state’s bold moves and how they are contributing to the growth of the crypto industry in Wyoming.

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Wyoming’s Crypto-Friendly Regulations

Wyoming has taken a proactive approach to creating regulations that are friendly to the cryptocurrency industry. In 2019, the state passed a bill that exempted virtual currencies from state property taxation, making it the first state in the nation to do so. This move provided a clear signal to the cryptocurrency industry that Wyoming was serious about creating a welcoming environment for their businesses.

Additionally, Wyoming created a new type of limited liability company (LLC) called the “special purpose depository institution” (SPDI). These institutions are designed to provide banking services to cryptocurrency businesses, which have traditionally been underserved by traditional banks due to the high regulatory burden associated with these businesses. This new type of institution allows crypto businesses to hold their assets securely, while also providing access to traditional banking services like wire transfers and check writing.

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Attracting Crypto Businesses to Wyoming

Wyoming’s proactive approach to regulation has made it a magnet for cryptocurrency businesses looking to set up shop. Companies like Kraken, Avanti Bank & Trust, and IOHK have all established a presence in the state, citing the friendly regulatory environment and the state’s commitment to the crypto industry as reasons for their decision.

In addition to regulatory support, Wyoming has also created programs to help crypto businesses get started. The Wyoming Business Council, a state agency, provides grants to businesses looking to set up shop in Wyoming. Additionally, the state has created a “sandbox” program, which allows startups to test new business models in a controlled environment, without having to worry about regulatory compliance.

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Crypto Education in Wyoming

Wyoming has also taken steps to educate its citizens about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In 2019, the state passed a bill that requires the University of Wyoming to create a blockchain task force. The task force is responsible for studying blockchain technology and developing strategies to promote its use in the state.

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The University of Wyoming has also launched a blockchain course, which covers the basics of blockchain technology, its potential applications, and the regulatory environment surrounding the industry. This course has been popular among students, and it is helping to prepare the next generation of crypto professionals.


Wyoming’s progressive policies and bold moves have made it a leader in the crypto industry. The state’s friendly regulatory environment, incentives for businesses, and commitment to educating its citizens have attracted crypto businesses and helped create jobs in the state. As the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve, Wyoming’s approach to regulation and education may serve as a model for other states looking to attract cryptocurrency businesses.

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