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What is a coin or token burning?

What is a coin or token burning?

A token burn is the elimination of a certain amount of tokens to reduce their number in circulation. This technique is effectively put in by crypto projects, traditional businesses, and even global corporations. The goal of burning a token is quite simple: supporting an asset’s price growth and value increase.

We are at crypto-times do know a couple of guys who have done that for show. Just like john, Rockefeller would throw away dimes to create an air of generosity around his personality. It turns out you kind of can; it’s not going to be that impressive because of procedure eliminating crypto tokens is carried out across a computer network, just like anything else is with crypto.

In this article, you will learn about how does a token burn-in cryptocurrency works? But I guess first you want to know what token burn is? So, let’s start.

What is a token or coin burn?

The shifting of a certain amount of digital tokens out of flow is called token burn. We can also compare it to a public company buying back its stock to reduce the total number of outstanding shares. But the question is, why would anyone burn worth represented by digital tokens? There are several reasons. Let’s discuss

Why token burns?

Now you can easily define coin burn, but one question is circulating why traders burn coins. So don’t worry, I will discuss it here. Coin burns are typically done for many purposes—such as written below.

  • For making new tokens or coins
  • For fulfilling the token or coin holders
  • For destroying unsold tokens

To get a chance of a price boost. An artificially induced deficit often make the asset’s price go up, so early investor win big time in the wake of burn. That has happened with every single stage of Binance coin burning, thus making the assets an excellent hedging tool for any crypto investor.

Sometimes developers or miners of a cryptocurrency want to prevent or instead slow down the rate of inflation. Just think of the Dogecoin price chart over the years. In February 2014, a limit on the number of coins that can produce was removed, resulting in the devaluation of the token.

Methods of coin burning

As for burning mechanisms, there are not many of them. So, we will discuss this here.

The cryptocurrency developer sends the tokens they wish to get rid of to addresses that nobody can access. The private keys of these addresses are simply out of stock.

One variety of the method just described is the so-called proof-of-burn. It is an alternative consensus algorithm that tries to address the energy consumption issue of the most common algorithm nowadays.


So, coin burning is the process of forever removing coins from circulation, and reducing the total supply. Now you are familiar with all these terms. However, it looks that a huge amount of people still fail to understand how coin burns are carried out.  So, the main aim of this article is to provide relevant information in regards to the burn function. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment here.

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