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Web3’s Biggest Consumer: The Consumer

Web3’s Biggest Consumer: The Consumer

Mint Podcast with Adam Levy and Gaby Goldberg. She is an investor in TCG Crypto; an early-stage consumer crypto fund focused on scaling web3 by investing in the Passion Economy. Some of these funds contain RabbitHole, Archive, and The Hume Collective. She’s also a self-proclaimed prick. One fascinating area in cryptography is accreditation, also known as determining what identity and reputation look like online, whether on Web2 or Web3. Connected to this are interfaces for consumer experiences. Specifically, for web3:

“Wallets are the interface for interacting with web3. One of the biggest differences between web2 and web3 is getting people to try web3 products. This usually stems from a financial incentive to do so (i.e., waiting for an airdrop, token incentives, etc.). Web3 “consumers” can be viewed as parts of the infrastructure because of their behavior.

For example, chain hounds (detectives) create a market opportunity for better block explorers. For Gaby, it all boils down to this: “[What] products help us share and better understand digital experiences?”

For Gaby, the wallet will be one of the most critical consumer data for individuals and companies in five years. Now, companies can. You can learn about your customers’ spending habits through crypto wallets, what other communities and brands they are affiliated with, etc. “This allows people to become ‘collectors’ and creates a sort of earning game for businesses, creators and individuals.”

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