US university gets $20M to create new AI institute

US university gets M to create new AI institute

Carnegie Mellon University in the United States has secured $20 million in federal funds to establish a new AI institution targeted at affecting public policy.

A university in the United States has been awarded $20 million in federal funds to establish a new artificial intelligence (AI) institute.

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A local news publication reported that Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, obtained money for its new AI Institute for Societal Decision Making.

The institute will promote the development of AI technologies to aid in decision-making in social situations such as natural catastrophes and public health events. The institute’s head will be Aarti Singh, a professor in the university’s machine learning department.

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She stated that one of the main goals will be to develop AI that is “human-centric.”

“We need to create AI technology that works for individuals… It is truly built on vetted data, vetted algorithms, feedback from all stakeholders, and participatory design.”

Singh stated that she feels AI may play an important role in assisting decision-makers and officials in making more informed decisions in various settings.

While developing and training the new technology, researchers at the institute will collaborate with public health officials, emergency managers, and community workers, as well as behavioral and cognitive scientists.

Furthermore, Singh stated that the institute’s “central goal” is the ethical use of AI, and that developers and researchers must be “careful” in the process.

“I believe that one of the most important things is to ensure that we engage with AI in an ethical manner so that it can be deployed when it is needed.”

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This comes as governments around the world look into the usage of AI in policies and the rules required to maintain it in place. In Romania, the government has revealed an artificial intelligence chatbot that will crowdsource public involvement and will be used to guide policy decisions.

Other world powers, like the United States and China, are considering new laws for the technology. In the European Union, politicians are developing a new AI Act that will focus on criteria for generative AI technologies.

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