Two Sigma Ventures raises $400 million across two funds

Two Sigma Ventures raises 0 million across two funds


  • The venture arm of Two Sigma closed two funds that totaled over $400 million.
  • Two Sigma Ventures invests in early-stage crypto and DeFi firms, as well as other startups that use data and technology for social advancement.

Two Sigma Ventures, a venture firm focused on early-stage companies, announced Wednesday that it raised $400 million across its two funds.

Two Sigma Ventures will use the two funds to invest in companies that use data and technology for social advancement, according to a company release. The firm raised 85% of the $400 million from external investors like college endowments, non-profit foundations and pension funds. Senior employees and partners at Two Sigma provided the remaining 15%.

In addition to crypto and DeFi, Two Sigma Ventures invests in early-stage firms in software-as-a-service and fintech, among other areas.

Two Sigma Ventures is the venture arm of Two Sigma, a New York-based financial sciences firm. Two Sigma has over $60 billion worth of assets under management, according to the firm’s website.
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