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Top Bitcoin Jobs in 2022

Top Bitcoin Jobs in 2022

Top Bitcoin Jobs in 2022

According to LinkedIn, the number of people hired for jobs related to bitcoin or blockchain technology has increased by 73%. Additionally, according to a global survey of digital workers conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network – a global alliance of recruitment websites – 66% of MENA talent are eager to work for remote companies that don’t have a physical presence in his country. If you’re looking to academically qualify for a job in crypto, we’ve compiled a list of   top 10 universities to study this exciting new subject that aims to change the world as we know it. The  10 most in-demand crypto jobs in 2022 if you are interested in diving into the crypto world.

10 Most in-Demand Crypto Jobs in 2022

  1. Blockchain Engineers

Blockchain engineers are the most sought-after job. They are typically responsible for creating and implementing various digital solutions for businesses based on their needs. In addition to advanced knowledge and programming skills in Java, Solidity, C#, APL, Python and other programming languages, you will need to interact with various blockchain technologies. You need to be able to create new blockchain applications to serve the needs of a business. As a result, you have to rely on current platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum.

  1. Blockchain Developer

If you know how to figure out the basics of blockchain technology, this could be the job for you. Blockchain developers are responsible for building infrastructure, setting security standards, writing code, blockchain design and operations, data structure, web development, and cryptography. Therefore, programming skills and knowledge of many languages ​​are generally required  in this high-level position.

Blockchain developers make an average of $136,000 per year.

  1. UI/UX Designer

This job does not require optimal knowledge of blockchain or cryptography like the first two jobs. However, since your focus is on retaining customers, you need some kind of crypto/blockchain experience. Blockchain UX designers are responsible for creating a distinctive and user-friendly interface as they need to ensure that it is exciting, easy to use and catches users’ attention. If you want to work as a blockchain UX designer, you need to be innovative and have exceptional skills. A blockchain user-experience designer earns $107,500/year.

  1. Blockchain, Crypto Attorney, or Legal Consultant

One of the most in-demand and best-paid blockchain jobs today is blockchain and cryptography attorney. As an emerging technology, it is vital that crypto and blockchain companies understand and work with the jurisdictions involved. The counselor or attorney may work with government or regulators to advise companies on legal compliance and address legal concerns, including AML and Terrorist Financing, etc. at the University of Maryville.

  1. Risk Analyst

To start a career in blockchain  as a risk analyst, you must have the knowledge and experience in evaluating the crypto project. A risk analyst must be able to recognize possible dangers and propose effective in advance. A risk analyst can expect to make an average annual salary of $111,514/year.

  1. Content Writers

In the world of cryptocurrency jobs, content writing has become very important as it plays an important role in promoting new crypto products and services. They must be persuasive, informative, and provide readers and users with valuable information about crypto and blockchain. which breaks down complex technical topics as well as important information about your company’s services and products or functions.

Crypto content writers earn $77,319 per year.

  1. Data Analyst

To enable crypto companies to bank with the millions of unbanked people, data analysts work across the enterprise to identify trends and make critical, data-driven strategic decisions that impact a large and rapidly growing population of users. In addition, data analysts work on business intelligence and customer analytics to drive deep understanding and improvement of products and business processes. His job is primarily to gather knowledge then to research and visualize knowledge from multiple sources to spot fascinating patterns and trends to support higher cognitive process. Data analysts make $68,000 annually.

  1. Community-Manager

Blockchain experience is preferred in this role as the community manager acts as an intermediary between crypto developers and their clients. Because it’s a job with a customer service element, a crypto community manager overlooks a company’s commitment to digital currencies. Strategy and communication via online social networking communities. They must be meme natives and be able to create and grow a welcoming environment for cryptocurrency users and build relationships with them. In addition to maintaining a fun, creative, and healthy environment, community managers must engage in meaningful discussions across all major platforms. Also, monitor public opinion and change policies to achieve strategic goals.

The community manager earns $61,000 per year.

  1. Account Executive

Account Managers are the backbone of every cryptocurrency and blockchain business. As part of the sales team, an Account Manager is responsible for a number of accounts and has responsibility for a specific budget and must meet a monthly goal. You must be able to communicate clearly, convince others of the importance of the product, and collaborate with other members. Additionally, they are responsible for securing new business for their organization. Account Executives make $164,322 per year based on facts.

10.Trade Support Manager

This position requires experience in the areas of financing and customer service, particularly in the commercial environment. A business support manager supports clients in finding the right investment strategy. Under the finance or accounting department, the Business Support Manager oversees, controls, and assists corporate portfolio managers and clients in identifying and monitoring the financial market. They are also responsible for ensuring accuracy as they serve as the first escalation point for all devices. Business support managers typically earn around $106,698 per year.

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