The size of the games market is expected to reach a valuation of 2.8 billion by 2028, according to an analysis by Absolute Reports. This results from the convergence of many technologies and industries, with gaming, blockchain and Defi being the most prominent. GameFi never runs out of exciting projects. Beneath the surface, many players from different backgrounds contribute to its high potential—a solid foundation for a healthy GameFi ecosystem.

In this article, we present the five best game projects.

#1 Sweatcoin

The move-to-earn app Sweatcoin plays a vital role in the global adoption of blockchain. It is available in mobile app stores and is popular in more than 60 countries. The ability to tokenize digital and physical products and services through more than 600 partnerships with world-renowned brands and influencers. In addition, it helps raise funds for charity through the “Sweatcoin for good” program.

#2 Arc8 App by Gamee

Gamee is a blockchain gaming platform that connects gamers, brands and blockchain projects. It releases the Arc8 app, a mobile arcade where players can earn crypto rewards based on gaming skills. Some games included in Arc8 the app are Hoop Shot; Which include Sand, Tower, Quick, Revv and Matic.

You can follow upcoming partnerships on Gamee’s Medium page. Arc8 also hosts competitions such as B. 1v1, matches and skill-based tournaments where winners receive GMEE tokens. GMEE is the access and governance token for the Gamee platform.

#3 Yield Guild Games (YGG)

Play-to-earn guilds help gamers earn money by providing grants and investing in game companies and their in-game NFT assets. Guild members and scholars can borrow these assets to play with. One of the leading blockchain gaming guilds is YGG. The guild invests through the DAO treasury. His portfolio includes many notable game assets, including 26,000 Axies, 16 Ember Sword NFTs, and 121 Guilds from the Guild of Guardians game.

YGG has a SAFT (simple agreement for future tokens) with Illuvium and owns 286 properties in the League of Kingdoms. YGG is also building sub-DAOs active in specific regions, such as YGG Japan or YGG Southeast Asia. These sub-divisions form new federations, recruit academics and host eSports tournaments at their locations.

#4 Alien Worlds

The WAX-based Alien Worlds has long held a secure place among the most-played P2E games, but it’s more than just a game. It’s a space-themed NFT metaverse where you can find others in explorer communities to create NFT drops and their own games. Players can mine Trillium tokens in-game and use them to vote on DAO proposals. Alien Worlds has bridge solutions for Ethereum and Binance.

#5 Seedify 

Seedify is a blockchain launch platform. It has launched more than 50 game projects through its incubation program. The Seedify incubator supports projects in three phases: pre-launch, launch (token generation event), and post-launch. During the pre-launch, the incubation team uses Seedify’s web3 network, develops a marketing strategy and advises on tokenomics and NFT utilities. Blockchain games can raise funds on the Seedify platform via Initial Game Offerings (IGOs).

This allows community members to receive new game tokens before they are listed on crypto exchanges. After the coin launch events, Seedify supports the incubated projects’ marketing efforts. Recent game projects supported by Seedify include move-to-win apps Amazy and Menzy and MMORPG games Realms of Ethernity and Supernova.

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