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At its Big Connect event, Facebook Meta unveiled several new developments it has been piling up for a while. The long-awaited Quest Pro headset for professionals has made its debut. The company also unveiled a series of new partnerships with giants like Microsoft, Adobe, Zoom and others, as well as its entry into the AR, VR and Metaverse domains to serve individuals and businesses. And there is a new meta startup in India.

  1. Meta Quest Pro Has Arrived

In recent years, Facebook Meta has revealed a few facts regarding our upcoming VR gadget, Project Cambria. They’ve dropped the codename and replaced it with Meta Quest Pro. This high-end headset will be on sale on October 25 for USD 1,499.99. Meta Quest Pro can be pre-ordered at

The Meta Quest Pro is the first in a new line of powerful headsets designed to broaden the capabilities of virtual and mixed reality in the metaverse. Its pancake lenses bend light over many times, lowering headset size while providing crisper views. A redesigned, curved battery on the rear contributes to Meta Quest Pro being a more balanced and ergonomic headset.

High-resolution outward-facing cameras capture 4X the pixels of Meta Quest 2, making Meta Quest Pro the company’s first full-color mixed-reality gadget. Consider the potential of the physical and digital worlds can connect without you craning your neck to gaze down at your phone.

It’s also the first headset with inward-facing sensors for capturing authentic facial expressions and eye tracking. Raising a brow, smiling, or making eye contact with someone will cause your avatar to do the same. All of this contributes to increased social presence, the sense that you are right there with someone, no matter where you are in the globe. 

  1. Microsoft Games

The Facebook meta launch of Microsoft games was one of the most intriguing aspects of 2022’s Big Connect event. Microsoft previously announced that its Xbox cloud gaming service would soon be available on meta’s Oculus Quest 2. This means customers can plug in an Xbox controller and use it to connect to the VR world to play their cloud gaming titles on giant virtual screens while sitting at home. 

  1. Meta Horizon World

When Meta Quest 2 first came out two years ago, most people spent their time alone in VR. Most of the time is now spent on social and multiplayer apps. Now Facebook Meta has announced the development of Meta Horizon Worlds in the Metaverse segment of the web, so you can finally grab your phone or laptop and visit friends hanging out in VR and vice versa. We will also present new social ideas we are developing with the YouTube VR team. If you are in Meta Horizon Home with friends, will soon be able to watch YouTube videos together.

Facebook Meta unveiled its new generation of meta avatars for the metaverse, which will be more expressive and detailed, as well as total body avatars in VR, starting with Meta Horizon Worlds. In addition to VR, Facebook Meta introduces avatars for video chats, starting with Messenger and WhatsApp, so you can express yourself and react without turning on your camera. 

  1. XR Start-up Program in India

Facebook Meta launches its XR start-up program to enhance India’s extended reality ecosystem and lay the foundation for the Metaverse. This program will help develop the country’s environment for new technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality(VR). 

According to a recent report by the Facebook Meta-Analysis Group, the Metaverse is expected to contribute US$240 billion or 4.6% to India’s GDP by 2031, potentially disrupting existing economic drivers such as job opportunities, specialized sectors, infrastructure and more. The Facebook Meta XR Programs and Research Fund supports the XR Program Startup, a two-year, $50 million investment in outside research and programs with corporate partners, human rights groups, governments, nonprofits, and academic institutions.

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