The Best Blockchain Jobs in 2022 and Their Salary Ranges

The Best Blockchain Jobs in 2022 and Their Salary Ranges

The Best Blockchain Jobs in 2022 and Their Salary Ranges

What is Blockchain Technology?

A Blockchain is a simple public ledger that stores information electronically in a digital and decentralized manner. It is a distributed database that structures transactions into blocks that are securely linked together. What makes a Blockchain network unique is that it relies entirely on the decentralization of power. There is no central authority that regulates or controls transactions.

Companies and organizations are now rapidly adopting Blockchain technology as a trusted means of protecting sensitive data. Blockchain miners earn bitcoin for their efforts. Anyone can be a miner as long as they have the right tools and the time to invest in progress.

The Best Blockchain Jobs in 2022 and Their Salary Ranges


Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are programmers who create applications based on blockchain technology. The role of a Blockchain developer is to design the infrastructure, set up security protocols, create code, etc. Blockchain developers can be classified into two different categories, namely key blockchains. Software blockchain developers and  developers.

The minimum qualification expected of a blockchain developer is a bachelor’s degree combined with some programming experience in  multiple languages. Developers must have knowledge about the architecture of a blockchain channel, how it works, cryptography, web development, etc. Blockchain developers enjoy a high rank in the organizational hierarchy and are very well paid for their experience. They are an essential asset for any business ready to expand within the real of the blockchain.

Metaverse concepts can also be learned to expand your knowledge and skills in one of the fastest growing industries.

Salary:  Blockchain is consistently one of the highest paying programming fields, where developers earn between $150,000 and $175,000 on average per year as salaried employees.

Blockchain Architect

This space involves professionals who are experts in mapping, developing and integrating the different parts of a blockchain ecosystem. A blockchain architect must fulfill a variety of functions in the company. You need to interact with people from other departments such as UX developers, IT professionals, and sysadmins to work in sync with them on various aspects of the project.

Aspiring blockchain architects should be aware of the latest technological developments in the industry. This includes technologies like Web3.0, Metaverse, NFT, etc. which are growing at a rapid pace. To do this, they can attend a Metaverse training program or a Web3 training program. Blockchain architects must be able to work with CSS, HTML, Python, Node and generic SQL.

Salary:  You should have experience in DevOps, cryptographic encryption, data science and blockchain development. The average salary for a blockchain architect ranges from $114,803/year, making it a popular career choice for people.

Project Manager:

A blockchain project manager is a necessary link between a business entity and blockchain experts. Managers need to clearly communicate the company’s expectations of  a project to  blockchain professionals and  make their needs heard within the company as well. They should simplify the technical requirements requested by the blockchain team before sharing them with the company’s stakeholders for  a better understanding.

Salary: To be successful in this field, one needs to  be good with blockchain terminology as well as project management skills. They have good communication skills as they act as a bridge between two parties.

A lack of communication skills makes it difficult for the non-technical unit to grasp the demands of their job. The average salary for blockchain product managers is around $106,175 per year.

UX Developer:

Working as a UX designer is  another potential career option for many. The work has professionals designing a robust interface for  blockchain fans. It’s your job to make the solution user-friendly, immersive and innovative. The focus of UX developers should be on providing users with a seamless interface focused on making work easier for users. With the increasing popularity of Web3  and Metaverse technologies, blockchain UX developers can also focus on these  when designing the interface. You need to design projects that work efficiently with a Metaverse blockchain and a Metaverse wallet.

Salary: Anyone who wants to work as a UX designer must have excellent technical skills and a deep understanding of blockchain technology. Good communication skills are an added bonus to your portfolio as UX developers also need to communicate and collaborate with other departments. The average salary of a blockchain UX developer is reported to be around $107,500/year.

Blockchain Quality Engineer:

Professionals in this field must ensure that the blockchain entity meets the highest quality standards. Blockchain Quality Managers perform various functions including manual testing, automation modules, dashboards, etc. They should perform testing on all recently developed projects. to avoid errors and failures. The professional must write a report to the relevant department and submit the information about the detected defects. This will help ensure the final product is free from all issues.

Salary: Blockchain quality engineers must have a deep understanding of the blockchain environment and how it works. You must be good at communication, have analytical skills, problem solving skills and quick thinking. These professionals can earn between $108,000 and $117,000 per year.


With a significant shift in interest from  centralized to  decentralized infrastructure, blockchain technology has become an integral part  of our society. The technology offers a perfect replacement for  traditional industrial and financial ecosystems that were missing more than one element. The increasing acceptance of blockchain technology as a resource has made it  a potential source of employment opportunities. Here we try to list for you the 10 most promising jobs in the blockchain field.

The list includes a wide range of job options that favor the interests of professionals from different fields. Searchers can select their preferred job from the list based on their instinct.

The Best Blockchain Jobs in 2022 and Their Salary Ranges

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