Talk to Earn, TAGO to Introduce Blockchain Technology in Mental Health Sector

Talk to Earn, TAGO to Introduce Blockchain Technology in Mental Health Sector

A UK-registered tech startup is aiming to connect people in need of support for mental health through blockchain technology.

TAGO’s move to integrate blockchain technology in the mental health sector is the first of its kind and is called Tagoverse.

TAGO said that users can receive consultation from mental health advisors and also earn “Tago Tokens” through the “Talk to Earn” activities via its mobile app.

Tago Tokens are utility tokens that help the company fund the Tago Blockchain project.

The tokens will be used by community members to meet mental health advisors, join the Emotion Intelligence Quotient (EQ) courses, exchange spiritual items, and participate in spiritual events and other Tagoverse activities such as meditation, yoga, temple, church, tarot and horoscope.

In addition, Tago token holders can also join the staking programme to earn more rewards, voting rights and premium access.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will also be available in TAGO.

With its “Talk to Earn” feature, users and advisors can earn rewards by chatting and consulting with TagoSoul – a virtual assistant.

TAGO claims to have introduced the world’s first NFT mental health AI assistant.

“Mental health problems are on the rise. This is particularly serious as the COVID–19 pandemic has led to an increasing need for new & safe approaches to help prevent the spread of mental illnesses,” TAGO said.

In 2021, the global mental health market size was US$ 391.3 billion, and it is forecasted to grow to US$ 551.1 billion in 2023.

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