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Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Bitcoin Can Protect You When Economy Slumps and Markets Crash

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Bitcoin Can Protect You When Economy Slumps and Markets Crash

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Bitcoin Can Protect You When Economy Slumps and Markets Crash

Entrepreneur and author of a popular financial literacy book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, recently tweeted that bitcoin is now becoming much more important.

Economy crashes, stock markets go bust

Kiyosaki took to Twitter to remind the community of the current collapse in the US and global economy as stock markets collapse, unemployment rates rise and pensions also fall. In this case, he believes Bitcoin is something that can protect one’s wealth; However, he adds that BTC will not protect one’s income in the current state of the economy. Many times he has tweeted and explained predictions of a major drop in USD and the coming US economy which has been developing since the 1990s. He believes that every crisis is also a time of great opportunity, based on tweets posted earlier this year. income” and “growing into the next Amazon or Bitcoin.

crash Alongside BTC, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad chooses gold and silver as safe havens. Notably, he tweeted recently, and also two years ago when the economy was being hit hard by the mounting pandemic, that silver can be bought in $20 coins. Anyone can afford it, he says.

The government printed more than $6 trillion in checks to support American households, as well as banks and large corporations. Many criticized this move then and still do today, claiming that the sharp increase in the money supply in circulation is the main reason for today’s staggering rate of inflation not only in the US, but also in Europe and around the world.

Millions to be wiped out

Less than a week ago, Kiyosaki shared a prediction that the wealth of millions will now end in the United States. He pointed out that most average people see microeconomic factors like rising energy prices and food; However, only a minority can see the macroeconomic factors underlying the current economic crisis and inflation. The macroeconomic reasons are “invisible,” he said. Here he again mentioned bitcoin, silver and gold.

Another reason for your, the bitcoin spotlight that Kiyosaki recently shared was that bond funds are starting to bet on the leading digital currency, although the Forbes article he referenced in this tweet sarcastically called that bet “gambling”

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