Play-to-Earn vs. Move-to-Earn: Blockchain Gaming Explained

Play-to-Earn vs. Move-to-Earn: Blockchain Gaming Explained

Web3 games are evolving fast, and you can earn tokens by playing and moving. Blockchain technologies enable the development of the gaming industry for everyone. We must compare the game to win and advance to win. These two emerging fields promise to revolutionize how we connect through video games. Let’s dive into this exciting industry.

Crypto gaming is here to stay

Thousands of people have already jumped in on this wave, as per the DappRadar x BGA Gaming Report. “Blockchain gaming accounts for nearly 60% of industry usage with $857 million transactions. These next-generation games allow gamers to earn real money by spending time and contributing to the gaming community. This is where games to win and move to win come in.

What are play-to-earn games?

As their well-known name suggests, play-to-win games reward players financially through sophisticated tokenomics. You may have heard about some famous games to win games like Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds. Whether you call them  “play to win,” or “play and win,” it still means that the reason they decided to play has something to do with winning chips. Of course, this can be good or bad, depending on the economics and gameplay of the game in question. Play-Games to win is also met with strong opposition from traditional players and much of the conventional industry.

Since many early Blockchain games were primarily focused on the “winning” part, the gameplay was often forgotten, and playing for fun didn’t exist. However, this is changing as more studios, and game developers adopt web3 technologies.

What are move-to-earn games?

At its peak in 2022, move-to-win games have merged physical activity with cryptocurrencies. Some of the most famous apps of this type are STEPN and Sweatcoin. As with play-to-win games, you are financially rewarded for using the app while physical activity is tracked. Besides the financial benefit, users of these fitness platforms are also motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But as helpful as sports are, no matter how much a person moves to win, there is still a “winning” factor.

Play-to-earn vs. Move-to-earn

Although both “Play to Win” and “Move to Win” games have increased in recent months, some questions remain about the stability and strength of the projects, which is a given for any new industry. In most games where you win for playing or moving, you must first pay to be rewarded. So these projects face the immense challenge of creating a sustainable in-game economy that allows all players to win, not just early adopters. Comparing the two types of games side-by-side, it becomes clear that Playing to win is one step further. Blockchain games already reward players and are increasingly worth playing for fun.

Metaverse virtual worlds like Decentraland or The Sandbox partner with global brands and make extensive use of NFT to secure ownership of game content. Winning becomes a small detail in these games.

In contrast, motion games have much more to prove to win and beat major competing web2 applications. The fitness industry is light years ahead of most movement-to-win projects and is struggling to establish itself in its communities. That are not Ponzi schemes.

Finding the best web3 games with DappRadar

We can all agree that what makes a game great is the experience players get when they play it. Whether blockchain-based or plain old Mario Kart, people will only play games that give them a good time. In the future, we can look forward to all of this and be pretty recognized by the gaming community. If you’re interested in following the end of gaming, you’ll be happy to know that the DappRadar blog posts some excellent GameFi content. You can track the top blockchain games with DappRadar’s games rankings or visit our blockchain games page for a complete description of the market. We have general usage stats, links to significant articles, and recommended games to try.

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