OpenAI launches grant for AI democratic governance project

OpenAI launches grant for AI democratic governance project

OpenAI, the parent firm of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot, has announced an initiative to increase democratic participation in AI development.

The business announced in an official announcement on May 25 that it is ready to award ten $100,000 awards for trials in setting up a “proof-of-concept,” democratic procedure for deciding rules for AI systems to obey.

The regulations, according to OpenAI, should be “within the bounds defined by the law” and benefit humanity.

“This grant represents a step to establish democratic processes for overseeing AGI and, ultimately, superintelligence.”

The experiments, according to the business, will serve as the foundation for a more “global” and “ambitious” effort in the future. It further stated that the results of the tests would not be binding, but would be used to investigate crucial issues concerning AI governance.

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The grant is offered by OpenAI’s nonprofit arm. It stated that the project’s outcomes will be free and open to the public.

This comes as governments throughout the world work to develop legislation for general-purpose generative AI. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently met with European authorities to emphasise the significance of non-restrictive regulations that do not stifle innovation.

Altman had already testified before the United States Congress with a similar message.

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In the launch of the new award programme, OpenAI reiterates the idea that legislation should be customised to the technology, and that AI requires “more intricate and adaptive guidelines for its conduct.”

It included examples, such as “How should disputed views be represented in AI outputs?” Following that, it stated that no single person, corporation, or country should be allowed to make such judgements.

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OpenAI previously warned that if artificial intelligence is not developed with caution, a superhuman form of AI could emerge within a decade. As a result, developers “have to get it right.”

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