On Polygon, Switzerland’s national postal office will introduce a crypto stamp.

On Polygon, Switzerland’s national postal office will introduce a crypto stamp.

In a recent announcement, Switzerland’s national postal service provider will be introducing a cryptocurrency stamp. These stamps will be available as a limited stamp series and will be sold through a crowdfunding platform. This blog will look at the story behind Switzerland’s stamp and what could come next.

The National Post Offices of Switzerland are taking a step towards cryptocurrency acceptance. It will launch a new postage stamp on June 20, a part of a series of cryptocurrency stamps. The stamp will be dedicated to the digital currency named ‘Ethereum.’ Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain system that enables the execution of smart contacts.

The new postage stamp is a part of a new series that will be released by the post offices of Switzerland every year. It will feature a different cryptocurrency every year.

What is a crypto stamp?

Switzerland is known for its privacy laws and its neutrality, but now it has its crypto stamp. What is a crypto stamp? Crypto stamps are virtual stamps used to confirm the authenticity of digital assets on the block chain. There are many ways to confirm the authenticity of digital assets, but the primary one is the use of code snippets.

What’s the benefit of a crypto stamp?

The Swiss postal service plans to introduce a crypto stamp for encrypted email. So, This is intended to further protect emails against unauthorized access. The Swiss postal service will post crypto stamps on encrypted emails. Encryption is an important building block for secure communication over the Internet. However, encrypted emails sent out can be read by anyone who has access to them, even if the email is encrypted. That’s why some services provide a “crypto stamp” with encrypted emails, whereby the recipient can verify the email’s authenticity. If an email is manipulated or tampered with, the recipient can tell. The Swiss postal service, Posteo, has now decided to offer an encrypted email service with an additional crypto stamp by default.

Who will be able to use a crypto stamp?

Crypto stamps are very similar to regular postage stamps, except that they contain a chip that can be used to send and receive encrypted messages. The owner of the stamp can enter secret messages that only the stamp recipient can decode. Consumers can use them to send messages to other stamps, but not too traditional email addresses. There are no plans to sell the stamps to the public. Instead, they will be distributed free of charge to all Swiss postal service users.

How to use a crypto stamp?

The Swiss postal service will now issue crypto stamps, which can verify the authenticity of an email. Starting on December 5, On Polygon will offer a new feature to all of its registered users. The stamp will be served as a graphic file that the user can then embed into their mail. To help users verify the email, the stamp also contains a QR code, which an app can scan to access information about the sender. The system was developed by the Swiss start-up firm SEENEO. The company is currently working on adding more block chain services to its platform, including a tool to verify the authenticity of important documents.


Polygon will be the first company to sell crypto stamps connected with the cryptocurrency market. No wonder the crypto stamp will be connected with the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin. If you want to buy the stamp, you will be able to buy the stamp only in the Swiss Post’s office. The price of the stamp is CHF 2.80.

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