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NFT London’s inaugural event attracts 2,500 with a BAYC food truck, free NFTs and puppies.

NFT London’s inaugural event attracts 2,500 with a BAYC food truck, free NFTs and puppies.

The first two-day segment of NFT. London had over 2,500 registered attendees and 800 speakers. The event included an NFT vending machine, puppies and a “Zen Cave.” Independent fashionistas targeted the Web3 efforts of major fashion houses.

From afar, the only thing you could see of NFT. London was a yellow and orange fast food truck parked outside in the rain. It was a collaboration between frozen potato products company McCain’s, which recently released a Roblox game that lets kids grow potatoes from the metaverse, and Bored and Hungry, a restaurant at Bored Ape Yacht Club in California. Maybe one of web3’s weird collaborations, but not the only trick that caught the eye. I could buy NFT with the card.

Upstairs were puppies and a “Zen Cave.” From NFT t-shirt printers and new Metaverse platforms to tables littered with QR codes announcing allowlists for upcoming mints, the two-day launch period of NFT. London saw over 2,500 registered attendees and 800 speakers.

The event was significantly smaller than the 15,000 attendees NFT. The same group runs NYC. But its more welcoming atmosphere and lack of regular speakers from the conference circle, many of whom instead spent this week at the WebSummit in Lisbon. It gave it that laid-back, community vibe that NFT collections always strive for. “This was our first major event in London (we hosted a small NFT event there in March 2018), and we’ve seen a great response from the community. In our first NFT.

In New York City, we only had 460 total visitors in 2019,” said Cameron Bale, co-founder and producer of NFT.NYC. I still opted for the QR code tickets.

Like NFT.NYC, people The Block spoke to at the event, commented on the poor performance at the London talks. While areas like the VIP lounge were crowded – likely because a company is offering free bottles of wine – many presentations were attended by fewer than a handful of people, especially towards the end of the event. There may have been too many speakers, some of whom took the stage to do little more than lecture, like “web2 + web3 = web5.

There were some gems, however. Independent fashionistas targeted the major fashion houses’ Web3 efforts. Fashion designer and creator of the NFT collection The Rebels, Robertas Kalinkinas, could have been more impressed by Gucci’s Metaverse marketing. web3 as a way for designers to overcome the barriers to entry into haute couture. She said she’d spent thousands of dollars on fashion stands and unpaid internships for designers.

Web3 could offer people a better and cheaper way to connect directly with customers and showcase their collections. However, some Web3 fashion ideas might catch the eye of those more privacy-focused. A fashion panel from Phygital proposed ​​putting trackers on garments to collect data on what customers do with their clothes after buying them in the name of sustainability. Production restrictions could also be imposed on companies that do not sell their shares.

By putting NFC chips in every garment and then tracking what’s wasting, we’re driving change because [if] you can see data visually and see where the problem is, [then] you can fix it,’ Lauren said. Kacher, Founder and Creative Director of the DAO-led fashion label Alterrage. Organizers of the NFT. London event rounded off the conference by announcing the dates of NFT.NYC 2023. It will take place from April 12th to 14th at Hudson Yards and Times Square.

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