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Mobile game maker Aeria Canada Studio to migrate products to web3: Exclusive

Mobile game maker Aeria Canada Studio to migrate products to web3: Exclusive
  • The mobile game developer will update their games to include NFTs.
  • Rescue Robots: Sniper Survival, receiving over 5 million downloads from Google’s app store, will be the first game to be released.
  • Removing the obstacles to web3 game conversion, according to David S. Bennahum, CEO of Ready Games, will enable web3 gaming to appeal to a broader demographic.

Aeria Canada Studio and Ready Games have partnered to transition their most well-liked mobile games to web3. Before the reboot, games will be redesigned to support NFTs and outfitted with the web3 infrastructure of Ready Games. Rescue Robots: Sniper Survival, which has received over 5 million downloads on the Google App Store, comes first. The beta testing phase is scheduled to start on December 1, and the entire global release is scheduled for January.

This will create a secondary market for trading game content and allow players to pursue different upgrade paths as they progress through Rescue Robots, according to a release from Ready Games.

To reach the mainstream game player who, in the past, might not have tried a web3 game where they are at right now, which is primarily on the mobile phone, “we are removing the barriers for mainstream game companies to migrate from web2 gaming economies into web3 gaming economies,” claims David S. Bennahum, CEO of Ready Games.

Web2 vs. web3

Several of the largest gaming companies in the US remain suspicious of web3, particularly its use of NFTs in games. Microsoft Games CEO Phil Spencer has said he doesn’t like them, as does Valve’s CEO. Microsoft’s subsidiary Mojang Studios. Banned them from Minecraft servers. Rockstar Games also recently banned NFTs from the Grand Theft Auto servers.

But according to Bennahum, some aspects of Web3 are “super exciting” for Web2 players. Because an actual on-chain contract supports the asset, said, 

  • First, they become the legal owners of the asset they buy. 
  • Second, they can move the asset between games, use it in different games, and raise the asset’s value if the game publishers approve of it. 
  • Third, they come into ownership of all their game data. 
  • Fourth, he said they can occasionally receive financial compensation for years of gaming dedication. 

Recently, Ready Games itself underwent conversion. To support its web3 pivot, it raised $3 million in May through token sales. Bitkraft Ventures, Hashed, Mapleblock Capital, Mulana Capital, and Polygon were among the investors.

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