Metaverse success starts with understanding Web3; here’s how

Metaverse success starts with understanding Web3; here’s how

To monetize Web3 projects, you need to look beyond technical upgrades: a new team of experienced consultants is helping companies exit Web3 on the right foot. From NFT profile pics on Twitter to the extensive Facebook rebrand to Meta, the pioneers of the corporate world. They’re taking over Web3 at a fantastic speed, and it’s no wasted effort. Analysts forecast an $81.5 billion market for Web3 by 2030, and the business community has no intention of being left behind. Sports, luxury, music, and other industries also want to contribute, but keeping up with such a fast-growing technological trend is challenging for most.

That’s because Web3 doesn’t end with Blockchain, NFT, and the Metaverse; it just starts there. Companies that want to be successful in Web3 must first understand how these advanced technologies work. They must adopt critical concepts, namely decentralization, and sharing. Features that make the third iteration of the World Wide Web so attractive. They need to ensure user security, privacy, and interoperability between different networks on Web3 to avoid unintentionally making headlines.

Top-tier talent for Web3 is not an easy find.

The lack of in-house talent to facilitate Web3 development is discouraging, considering fewer than 20,000 active Web3 developers worldwide. It’s growing across industries by the day as more Web2 teams look for ways to become players in the metaverse. Web2 teams need a trusted strategy and a practical executive-level roadmap to make the transition to Web3 as smooth as possible. Ranked as one of the top 10 emerging giants in Asia Pacific by KPMG and HSBC, Canon Gaming launched Catheon Labs to help companies build a solid Web3 presence.

Their experienced team seeks to share their knowledge of Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, and NFT through Catheon Labs publishing and consulting services. Canon Gaming has accumulated significant experience from a library of over 25 games with over 50 million downloads. Combine technical talent with an entrepreneurial mindset to identify the right opportunities and help companies get off Web3 on the right foot with Catheon Labs consulting services.

Web3 needs ‘3Es’ to work for all parties.

When done right, elements like digital ownership, gamification, and play-to-win make Web3 an enhanced and immersive experience for users. With the right help, Web3 projects can create new revenue streams by offering digitized assets like NFTs to a new user base and scaling their business in the Metaverse. According to Canon Labs, these are the “3E’s of the Web3 framework,” which include enhancing the experience, generating revenue, and boosting the community. This 3E strategy helped Catheon build one of the largest portfolios of Web3 games, build a community of millions of players, and build a team with world-class consulting experience and financial knowledge. Canon Labs helped the Hectorverse make the Metaverse debut of the prominent German football team Borussia Dortmund. She ensured that the Dubai International Financial Center’s Fintech Hive Investor Day was seamlessly held at the Metaverse.

How to jump into Web3 with the right strategy

To meet the needs of the developing industry, Catheon Labs begins a project evaluating a project’s Web2 status. The consulting team first understands the goals, resources, and end-user expectations. Canon Labs then creates a detailed strategy roadmap that includes immediate, short-, mid-, and long-term plans. The comprehensive roadmap contains elements such as blockchain ticketing, NFT usage, loyalty programs, gamification, Metaverse, and the ability to receive crypto payments to cover all possible fronts in the Web3 environment. Canon Labs designs Web3’s strategy and revenue model while engaging in marketing and community activities.

After the technical analysis and development processes, the consulting team supports a smooth start and completes an effective migration from Web2 to Web3 in many industries.

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