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MetaMask Is Bullish on Web3 Gaming

MetaMask Is Bullish on Web3 Gaming

Ethereum crypto wallet developer MetaMask partnered with Game7 to introduce HyperPlay, a native Web3 game launcher. Native games on HyperPlay. Users of any HyperPlay game could carry NFTs, tokens, and in-game achievements in their MetaMask wallets, allowing for interoperability between different titles. “Players can transport assets across games, utilize them in Defi, and track their friends’ wallets, according to Jacobs. Eth is a senior contributor at Game7 and the pseudonymous founder of HyperPlay.

Developers can also benefit from the latest game launcher, jacobs.eth added in a statement.

HyperPlay is open source, meaning the copyright holder allows anyone to use, study, modify, and distribute the code. It also provides basic application programming interfaces (APIs) for requesting transactions and signatures to enable genuinely permissionless gambling economies.

Is gaming the bridge to Web3?

Blockchain games have recently garnered attention on Web3, raising nearly $750 million from venture capitalists in the first nine months of 2022, more than 50% of the total funding poured into crypto this year, according to DappRadar. Taylor Monahan, Global Product Leader at MetaMask, told Blockworks that as of 2020, gaming is one of the most popular wallet use cases in APAC [Asia Pacific],” said Monahan.

Nonetheless, a recent study by CodaLabs found that traditional players are generally not fans of cryptocurrencies or NFTs, rating their attitude towards the industry an average of 4.4 out of 10. Only 15% of players who have never played a Web3 title showed interest in blockchain-based games. The most considerable hesitation in crypto games came from concerns about fraud and the cost of Web3 games. However, Monahan remains optimistic, saying the partnership should enable a “smoother user experience” designed to allow for “full interoperability for Web3 games”.

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