Mastercard’s NFT product lead leaves her role and submits a resignation letter as NFT

Mastercard’s NFT product lead leaves her role and submits a resignation letter as NFT
  • Satvik Sethi, the former NFT product lead at Mastercard, has resigned from his position.
  • Sethi left because of harassment and poor working conditions.
  • Sethi minted his resignation letter as an NFT for 0.023 ETH to fund his next step.

 Satvik Sethi, Mastercard’s former NFT product lead, has resigned—and minted his resignation letter as an NFT. 

For the past two years, Sethi has served as Mastercard’s NFT product lead. In a multipart Twitter thread, he stated that he left the company due to harassment, emotional distress, and other poor working conditions. 

On the marketplace Manifold, he posted his resignation letter as an NFT, stating, “This is all for survival.” “This is not a game of chance.”

The resignation of Sethi from Mastercard as NFT product lead 

Minting the NFT costs 0.023 ETH ($39). So far, sixteen NFTs have been issued, earning Sethi an estimated $624. He is now working on join circle, a web-focused social platform founded and led by Sethi. 

Within the last two years, Mastercard has made several moves in the cryptocurrency space. The company collaborated with leading crypto exchange Binance to launch a crypto-to-fiat card in Argentina as well as tools to combat crypto-based financial crimes. Regarding Sethi’s departure, a Mastercard spokesperson told The Block, “Mr Sethi’s concerns have been brought to our attention.” We take them seriously and will investigate them. “We will do so while maintaining our respect for his privacy and will make no further comment at this time.”


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