Crypto-rich Singaporean entrepreneur redefines the Thai business landscape.

Serial entrepreneurs are constantly taking risks with the main objective of providing solutions to the multiple problems that society faces. They engage in multiple entrepreneurial activities with the hope of creating a bigger good for society. Young Singaporean serial entrepreneur, Jonah Ng, is one of the few that have been thriving in the field of entrepreneurship despite the pandemic. His vision is to redefine the way that business is carried out in Thailand through the introduction of technology.


Rainmaker Consultancy is a thai-based entity that focuses on providing consulting services to multiple businesses in Thailand. Being well versed in the Thai business landscape and being a fluent Thai speaker, Jonah is able to advise local companies on the best course of actions that will help them achieve their objectives. He understands the importance of creating smart goals that are sustainable, achievable, actionable and tangible. His mastery of fundraising strategizing and strong leadership enables him to be the mentor that Thai businesses need.  In addition, his deep connections with influential heavyweight figures, as they provide him with valuable advises on how to negotiate every business and achieve optimal results for all parties, together with his business partner William Wang and Panitan Samee.

The dynamic Singaporean is also the founding partner of Meta World Development. Together with his business partner William Wang, Jonah is redefining the way traditional businesses carry out their operations. Metaworld is giving a new direction to traditional businesses and rejuvenating them by helping these entities transition in the world of web3.0. Meta World is one of the most fast-growing and up-and-coming blockchain development companies in the industry. Targeted at the best correlation between quality of services and price, Meta World has worked with a number of very strong utility and security token projects helping to successfully achieve their ICO goals. The company is creating opportunities for traditional businesses to catch the wave of this new and expanding technology. The unique partnership model that Meta World adopts constantly adds value to the way traditional businesses operate and makes the transition to web3 seamless and smooth.


In his mission to create a better world and address the major wellness crisis that exists in SouthEast Asia, Jonah has also undertaken investment in cannabis farming through Bicaro Holding. Through this investment venture of his, Jonah taps into the wellness side of the cannabis industry. Bicaro Holding is an entity based in Thailand that carries out investment in cannabis farming. The company’s main focus is to add value to and generate profits for investors while providing medical grade cannabis for the wellness of people. The venture undertakes cannabis cultivation over large scales in multiple greenhouses in Thailand, while . The company has a collaboration with Mission Peak (Thailand) Co., LTD and Mr Tom Kruesopon (Mr. Weed) which guarantees that the cannabis grown in the farms of Bicaro Holding are up to a particular standard and follow a standard set of procedures.


Jonah is the co-founder of DMK Avenue. DMK Avenue is a community mall right next to Don Mueang International Airport. The mall is currently under development and is a new landmark for Bangkok Thailand for both international tourists and domestic tourists to visit. This shopping mall brands itself as the hub of entertainment and fun for people of all ages. Spanning over 44,800 square meters, DMK Avenue comprises multiple shops and a large wholesale-retail market with an area of 9,600 square meter that can accommodate more than 500 stalls. DMK Avenue focuses on creating an experience for everyone who walks into the mall. Jonah believes that DMK Avenue will have a pivotal role in shaping a modern Thailand.


One of Jonah’s latest ventures is onestopthai.As the name suggests, onestopthai is a venture that addresses the major pain points that one may face during his/her stay in Thailand. The platform focuses on creating awareness about the multiple services that one might look for in Thailand. In need of medical help, looking for touristic things to do, having issues with your travel, or looking for investment opportunities in Thailand ; onestopthai is your one stop shop. Together with his business partner, William Wang, Jonah has conceptualized the platform to make it easier for travelers and expats to adapt to the Thai landscape. Jonah believes that onestopthai will help in creating a better experience for everyone visiting thailand. Onestopthai focuses on creating a better experience for visitors in Thailand by leveraging the power of information.


The latest boom in the cryptocurrency space has made a lot of millionaires. Jonah is one of the few who is making use of his resources to create a better society. All of his ventures have as vision and work towards creating a better good on a daily basis.

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