Is Bitcoin Dead?

Is Bitcoin Dead?

The word bitcoin has been a topic of interest amongst many of us. With many supporters and opposers, bitcoin remains one of the top searched words. The recent transition from physical currency to DIGITAL-currency has brought tremendous change to conventional business method. But if you want to know is bitcoin dead then you are at the right place.

But I guess first, you want to know what is it? So let’s start without wasting your time.

What is it?

Several cryptocurrencies are circulating in the market, and Bitcoin is one of the most valuable ones. They only exist virtually and are generated in a specific amount to avoid inflation.

It’s worth and life

Bitcoin has played a vital role in history as well as in the game of economics. However, cryptocurrencies do not seem to have heydays in the upcoming time. What we know is that they cannot die this easy, at least not Bitcoin. Virtual currency markets are likely to see upsides in the future. We can say a lot about Bitcoin gaining momentum with time. In the current situation, there is something long-term the crypto investors will have to deal through. A crash is expected at an unspecified time, but that never clearly stated the demonetization of cryptocurrency.

Value and predictions

The current time is a hard one. The prices have fallen 26.04%, below the all-time high. Crypto investors are not entirely at the edge but not as secure as they were. Precise regulation, the biggest hangover of crypto, is predicted to be welcomed in the upcoming times of the economy of crypto investors. As it does not have any link with the government, that cannot be said that all of the actions would be legal. Due to the lack of government control, it might suffer a loss with illegal activities but still maintain its value to some high point that may not appear to be the peak.

Experts have predicted that the value of Bitcoin might reach the highest of its value till the year 2030, but that does not seem to happen till that time due to China’s ban over crypto-related activities taking place within the Chinese borders. That would affect the market highs and lows because China is one of the densely populated countries with much stable economy and business minds.

Will it be able to hold on to its survival?

Mixed feelings are to be expressed for the crypto market in the prevailing situation as some vast companies have announced, and some have hinted to invest in it and accept Bitcoin payments. It is likely to have monetary inflations as it cannot buy it into existence like gold. By this, we mean that it cannot believe it into being in a laboratory or something the way plastic and others are. Thus, the scarcity stays around, although it does not touch the borderline. Well, the absence is not even likely to feel the edge because of its value. No matter to what extent it is lowered, it maintains its worth as not every ordinary man is involved in the crypto market.


Considering all of the above information and statements of different experts’ we cannot clearly say that bitcoin is dead. It is facing ups and downs that do not prove its stability, but it will surely get back to the value it has maintained in the past. All we can say is that Bitcoin is not dead either, nor will it be anytime soon. The crypto market has its worth which is unlikely to demolish.

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