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Interpol storms into the Metaverse

Interpol storms into the Metaverse

Interpol storms into the metaverse

The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) dons their virtual reality headsets as they prepare to crack down on a growing list of “potential crimes” in the metaverse. According to an Oct. 20 announcement, Interpol has launched the “first Metaverse purpose-built for law enforcement agencies worldwide,” which looks set to come in 90 years. “Criminals are already beginning to exploit the Metaverse.

The World Economic Forum has warned that social engineering fraud, violent extremism and disinformation may pose particular challenges

Remarkably, humans have been imprisoned for their actions in the metaverse. Last month, a South Korean was sentenced to four years in prison for molesting children in the metaverse and tricking them into sending photos and videos of Lude.

At the Delhi event, Interpol also unveiled plans to develop a department dedicated to fighting crypto crime. Interpol Secretary General Juergen Stock stressed the need for a dedicated unit, as many law enforcement agencies are currently not equipped to deal with the complexities of the sector.

Praveen Sinha, Special Director of India’s Central Bureau of Investigation, also pointed out that due to their global nature, cybercrime has become increasingly difficult to monitor and that coordination is a key factor that will facilitate their efforts.

The only answer is international cooperation, coordination, trust and real-time information sharing,” Sinha said.

Interpol’s new Metaverse will allow registered users to visit the platform and take a tour of a “virtual facsimile of the headquarters of the Interpol General Secretariat in Lyon, France” and take courses on forensic investigations, among others.

Interpol has determined that its metaverse is likely to provide a streamlined and more efficient way for its diverse teams around the world to communicate and collaborate with one another. While education and training for students/new recruits were also highlighted, Ajman Police announced earlier this week that they are providing services to clients via Metaverse technology, according to a tweet by the agency in October.

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