How to Withdraw from Binance | Crypto & Fiat Money Transfers Guide

How to Withdraw from Binance | Crypto & Fiat Money Transfers Guide


Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of the daily trading volume. As one of its users, you have access to a vast selection of services and products related to the developing crypto economy. These include cryptocurrency trading (both spot and futures markets), borrowing, lending, staking, donating, and holding your crypto assets.

However, given that most of these products and services aim to provide you with a means of achieving your goal of turning a profit, sooner or later, you will have to withdraw your funds.

You could be having fiat or crypto assets in your account. You can opt to withdraw them to another exchange, a private wallet, or want to cash out your gains. In this guide, we are showing you how to withdraw fiat and crypto from Binance. If you want to know more details about the platform, be sure to read our in-depth Binance review.

How to withdraw from Binance

Fiat money withdrawal guide

Binance currently supports more than 60 fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, INR, AUD, and JPY. To withdraw any traditional currency from your Binance account, follow these four simple steps:

Step 1 – Navigate to the ‘Fiat and Spot’ page

To do this, log into Binance and hover over the ‘Wallet’ link on the top right corner of the homepage or main navigation bar. A drop-down list will appear. Click on ‘Fiat and Spot.’

Alternatively, you can hover over the ‘Wallet’ link as you did before, but instead of clicking on ‘Fiat and Spot,’ you can instead click on ‘Overview.’

This will open the Overview page with all your balances across the various Binance products, including Futures, margin, mining pool, Earn, P2P, and Fiat and Spot accounts. Click on the ‘Fiat and Spot’ option.

Step 2 – Navigate to the fiat withdrawal page

There are three ways to arrive at the fiat withdrawal page. The first two are on the ‘Fiat and Spot’ page. On the top of this page, just below the navigation bar, is the withdraw button.

Alternatively, you can scroll down on the same page and click on the withdraw buttons aligned with the specific fiat currencies you wish to withdraw. This is a shorter route than the other two, requiring an extra step to select the currency you want to withdraw.

And finally, you can click the withdraw buttons available on the ‘Overview’ page.

Most of these withdrawal buttons are linked to the withdraw crypto page by default. If you end up on the crypto withdrawal page shown below, just click on the ‘Withdraw Fiat’ button on the top right side.

Step 3 – Select currency and payment method

Binance supports more than 60 fiat currencies. Select the one you wish to withdraw from the drop-down list. Below that, you will see a list of the available payment methods supported for your chosen currency.

Supported payment methods are:

  • payment cards (credit/debit);
  • cash transfers;
  • bank transfers such as SEPA (within Eurozone) [NOTE: temporarily suspended as of July, 2021];
  • Faster Payments (within the UK) [NOTE: temporarily suspended as of July, 2021].

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