How to transfer from Coinbase to MetaMask

How to transfer from Coinbase to MetaMask

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United States and around the world, with over 100 million verified users and more than $200 billion in assets under management. Various third-party and EVM-compatible wallets are supported by the platform. How can I transfer from Coinbase to MetaMask? This is a common question among newcomers. It’s easier than it appears. 

Connect your Coinbase account to a MetaMask wallet to send and receive cryptocurrency whenever you want. The settlement time is usually between 10 and 15 minutes. We’ll show you how in this article, step by step. We will also look at how to move non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from Coinbase to MetaMask.

How to Transfer Cryptocurrency from Coinbase to MetaMask

If you don’t already have the MetaMask wallet installed on your browser, you can download it to your phone or desktop as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Brave. To avoid cybersecurity risks, make sure you download the MetaMask browser extension via its official website. Here’s what you need to do after you’ve installed it:

Complete all of the steps to create a MetaMask wallet and save your recovery seed, which is a string of words that allows you to export or regain access to your account.

It is critical to properly secure your recovery seed because if you lose access to your wallet and don’t have it, you have no one to turn to. MetaMask is an Ethereum blockchain gateway that can be configured to work on other blockchains, but it does not have access to your funds to assist you in recovering them.

When you’re finished, the MetaMask icon will appear in the top-right corner of your browser. Click the three dots above “Buy” and “Send” in the wallet, select the cryptocurrency to be transferred, and copy the address.

Sign in to your Coinbase account and then click the Send & Receive tab, which will open a new window.

Click on the “Send” section and fill out the transaction details, such as the type of currency (Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, etc.), the amount, notes, and the recipient’s address.

Continue to process the transaction, which should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. However, keep in mind that during periods of high network activity, it may take longer to process your order. When your transaction is complete, a confirmation message will appear on your Coinbase wallet dashboard. 

Similarly, go to MetaMask to confirm the funds have arrived. The procedure is essentially the same; simply select “Receive” instead of “Send.” 

If there are any delays, you can find your transaction details on MetaMask and use them to get in touch with Coin base’s customer support team to find out what went wrong.

Can I send NFTs from Coinbase to MetaMask?

Coinbase NFT is a community-driven NFT marketplace where users can discover, buy, sell, and trade NFTs with other users. They can also send NFTs to MetaMask and other wallets that support this type of digital token. However, only the iOS and Android versions of MetaMask support NFTs. The team has stated that support for the browser version will be added soon.

To send your NFTs to your MetaMask wallet, go to Coinbase’s NFT section or directly to Coinbase NFT’s official page.

Once there, select the NFT to be transferred and copy the NFT ID. Click on the “Add NFTs” section in MetaMask and paste the asset’s ID into the ID Box. Once completed, the NFT will be displayed on the NFT tab.


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