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How to sell Bitcoin Cash: A beginner’s guide to selling BCH tokens

How to sell Bitcoin Cash: A beginner’s guide to selling BCH tokens

Bitcoin Cash may be a virtual asset that has become highly popular thanks to its faster transaction time. Built on an equivalent consensus protocol because of the premier digital asset Bitcoin, BCH may be a fork with a more elaborate decision to increase block sizes, enabling faster block finality.

The most popular way of selling Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tokens is using platforms that unite buyers and sellers, like cryptocurrency exchanges or a peer-to-peer (P2P) service. BCH also can be sold on to the other person — by sending the tokens to their BCH wallet’s public address in exchange for fiat currency like the dollar.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Crypto exchanges are one among the foremost popular platforms to shop for and sell a good range of cryptocurrencies. Typically, a crypto exchange allows users to put a buy or sell order for cryptocurrency tokens against other cryptocurrencies or local currency.

To do this, exchanges use trading pairs that represent the asset you’ll be exchanging your BCH tokens against. for instance, placing a sell order with a BCH/USD trading pair means agreeing to exchange your BCH tokens against the same amount of the U.S. dollar. Similarly, a BCH/BTC trading pair will allow you to exchange an equal amount of Bitcoin for the price of your BCH tokens.

Peer-to-peer service

A peer-to-peer (P2P) service may be a decentralized platform whereby two individuals interact directly with one another, without intermediation by a 3rd party. Instead, the customer and therefore the seller transact directly with one another via the P2P service.

A typical BCH P2P service will allow users to exchange BCH tokens for local currency. this sort of service introduces buyers and sellers in real-time and facilitates trade between the 2. Some sort of escrow built-in will guarantee the trade between the 2 entities to the platform’s infrastructure.

Some other ways to sell BCH

In-house BCH offerings

The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem may be a privately owned entity, a bit like most cryptocurrencies out there. And given its backing by established entrepreneurs like Roger Ver, the BCH community can cash in of a number of BCH-friendly in-house offerings that include a crypto exchange, peer-to-peer service, and crypto wallet.

Buying products and services with BCH

In spite of the fact that BCH has not yet seen standard reception, it very well may be exchanged against items and administrations. Contingent upon the purview, you can discover a few mother-and-pop stores that acknowledge Bitcoin Cash as an installment technique. Moreover, BCH can be utilized to make online buys, including internet business, memberships, and cutting edge administrations including food conveyance.

Things to consider while selling BCH

The appreciating value of BCH has made the token one among the foremost rewarding assets within the crypto ecosystem. The cryptocurrency’s high value makes it an honest target for bad actors, commonly referred to as hackers. regardless of the mode of transfer you’ve chosen for selling your BCH holdings, double-checking each aspect of the trade (e.g., risk, return, order size, etc.) should become a habit for crypto investors.

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