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How to buy Bitcoin? What is its importance?

How to buy Bitcoin? What is its importance?

It is relatively easy to shop for Bitcoin immediately. But before buying Bitcoin, you would like an area to store it. within the world of cryptocurrency, that place is named a “wallet,” and that they are available a spread of forms. differing types of wallets provide Bitcoin owners with many sorts of security, storage, and access options.
It is also important to debate here that wallets do not store bitcoin in each wallet have unique private keys on which Bitcoin is stored. These digital keys are vital if anyone loss these keys then each loses access to their Bitcoin.

The five main types of BTC wallets are desktop, mobile, online, hardware, and paper.

Types of wallets


A desktop wallet is installed on user’s computer gives access to the users to send amount to wallet. Thick and thin two types of wallet exist. Thick wallet allows users to download the relative Blockchain, on the other hand thin users don’t require users to download blocks and can be easily download on portable device.


The major advantage of a mobile wallet is that the user funds are always on hand. It is a most convenient way of paying for goods or other transaction by scanning QR codes. In some cases, users take advantages from smart phone by entering information at anywhere and get results or secure transaction.


Web-based wallet users need private keys are stored on an online server controlled by someone else. Everyone allow to register there by using personal credentials and transfer fund in the form of Bitcoin there. Which can be used later for paying goods amount to specific persons. There is always a risk of the server because server can be hacked or organization perform fraudulent act and take away all Bitcoins.


Hardware wallets are devoted transportable gadgets that maintain personal keys offline. There are numerous extraordinary styles of hardware wallets, however they all permit customers to maintain basically any sum of money of their pocket.


A paper pocket is basically portions of statistics expressed in characters additionally as QR codes generated using a delegated service. one in every of them can be a pockets deal with in order to be wont to get hold of BTC. the other can be a personal key, via which you may spend Bitcoin saved at that deal with.

Where to buy Bitcoin

There are a lot of Bitcoin buying service providers and allowing people to choose an option of purchasing cryptocurrency that best suits their needs.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Every buyer before buying Bitcoins first confirm which platform is most secure and safe for to buy Bitcoin or other digital currencies. There are a number of cryptocurrency exchangers available in market. We also consider or obey anti money laundering and does practices that fall under government jurisdiction.

There are different types of exchanges available centralized, decentralized and peer to peer (P2P) exchanges. In centralized exchange you can create an account and add some personal information that is depending on the exchange. In CEs you can send Bitcoins to others by paying money directly through your bank accounts. But you can’t hold your finds using this.

On the other hand, DEXs allow you to make trades from your own wallet. DEXs are composed of groups of pooled liquidity for different assets on the blockchain where the DEX is based.

Peer-to-peer, or P2P, trading also serves as an option for buying and selling Bitcoin. There are several platforms available for facilitating such transactions, such as Binance, Coinbase and Coinmarketcap etc.

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