How Does Blockchain Work? Beginners Guide To Blockchain Technology

How Does Blockchain Work? Beginners Guide To Blockchain Technology

The mixture of the ideas of bitcoin and blockchain resulted in the formation of the bitcoin blockchain. The creator of bitcoin created blockchain to discourage centralization in the world. The whole process and dealings involved in the blockchain are decentralized, making it different from all other operations.  The creator of blockchain launched bitcoin in the market with a publication of a white paper having all the rules and regulations of the systems mentioned on it.

The particular type of currency used in this blockchain system is called bitcoins. Bitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies. It has its value. The thing that makes it popular among many audiences is that it is a kind of common currency used all over the world. Any person anywhere in the world can invest, withdraw or share using the same currency.


The network saves the information regarding the transactions in the blocks, and these blocks combine in the form of a chain creating the blockchain, and the same is the definition of blockchain. When one block lines above another block, it makes the information present in the previous block unmodifiable. It means that the network completely seals the information in the last block, and no one can change it afterwards. This was a significant step in comparison to the standard financial records present in the banks generally.

What Makes Bitcoin Blockchain different?

In bitcoin blockchain technology, the information stored is entirely accurate. There is no need to modify it later. The transactions are safe. It involves a decentralized system that ensures that the information does not resonate in one node or computer. All the nodes and computers have access to the data residing in the bitcoin blockchain. Each block has a unique code known as a hash. It also has information about the hash of another block. All these interconnected systems of hashes are responsible for moving these blocks in the form of a chain. It also enables one block to recognize the other blocks as well.

Bitcoin involves peer-to-peer transactions, which makes it even more favourable. It means that the two-person who are dealing with interact with each other. They will set the amount and the distribution of profit after negotiating with each other. There would be no third party involved in such interactions.

What makes BlockChain So Different?

First of all, it doesn’t save data in the form of tables. Instead, it tends to store data in the form of blocks. When the storage capacity of one block comes to an end, the other block is joined, forming a chain. So it is used to keep the record of digital data with no changes afterwards.

Secondly, all the procedures do not require the involvement of humans at any point. Sp the information stored is very secured. Moreover, the computers handle all the processes throughout that’s why the chances of errors are meagre.

The network stores this information on more than one computer; it is less vulnerable to hackers’ attacks. To illegally access the information, all the computers must be hacked at the same time, which is not possible.

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