First ‘Avengers’ Spider-Man Trailer Shows The PlayStation Exclusive In Action

First ‘Avengers’ Spider-Man Trailer Shows The PlayStation Exclusive In Action

After being mysteriously absent for over a year, it’s finally time for a long-promised hero to make his way into Marvel’s Avengers. Spider-Man is just a few weeks away, and IGN just debuted the first trailer for the new hero today.

The trailer has Spider-Man fighting Avengers’ usual AIM goons, but when he’s overwhelmed, the Avengers come to his aid. This culminates in a pretty impressive shot showcasing what is now ten heroes that are live in Avengers, with Spider-Man being the fourth added post-launch. Despite all the problems with Avengers, it really does feel like some components of the “dream” to make an ongoing, ever-expanding Avengers game is being realized.

Nothing has changed regarding Spider-Man’s announced exclusivity on Sony platforms, which means Xbox and PC gamers cannot use it or play through its “With Great Power” campaign. It doesn’t look like it’s gonna be a massive expansion of the game, certainly a far cry from what we got with Black Panther, but I wouldn’t be shocked for anything smaller than Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, either. But losing Spidey as a playable hero for those other platforms remains a big disappointment, and was sort of a deal with the devil for Spidey to happen, no doubt, given how tight Sony is on the rights. of the character.

To answer a very common question, no, this is not Spider-Man and Peter Parker from Insomniac’s megahit game. It has been made clear many times already, but I know it will come back. It’s not an iconic costume with the white of this game, but who knows, maybe it is a special cosmetic. We haven’t seen the look of Peter Parker himself under the mask, but the voice doesn’t appear to be Yuri Lowenthal from the game of Insomniac, and Crystal Dynamics hasn’t announced the actual voice actor. It’s long been established that this Avengers game and Insomniac’s Spider-Man don’t take place in the same universe. I’m less sure about Eidos Montreal’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but that hasn’t really been mentioned yet.

As for the Spider-Man kit? Well, all we can see right now is a slew of traditional web capabilities in this cutscene, so it’s hard to say exactly how it will play out in the game. It was always going to be a challenge, given that ‘it will be compared to the version of Insomniac, and that it will have to be a little more “stripped down” by definition. One lingering question has always been his traversal skills and how it works in the Avengers Raider sandbox maps, as there aren’t exactly a bunch of skyscrapers in most of them.

I expect a full overview of Spider-Man and his abilities before Crystal Dynamics releases it to PlayStation on November 30. This update also has a ton of changes coming to the game for all players, and a new Wakandan raid that isn’t platform-specific. More to come on Spidey and the other stuff soon, I guess. I will definitely be back to take it to the max.

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