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Ethereum Investor Gains Holds Steady Through Bear Market

Ethereum Investor Gains Holds Steady Through Bear Market

Ethereum Investor Gains Holds Steady Through Bear Market

Many cryptocurrencies have seen their bull market gains vanish since early 2022, and Ethereum has not been left out. However, investors in digital assets have fared better than most as many of them are still making profits. The data shows that the winners on Ethereum are still stable, with half of them still making profits.

50% Are Still in Profit

According to data from IntoTheBlock, Ethereum investor returns remain high during this time. It shows that overall 50% of all ETH holders are still in the green. This is true even after Ethereum’s price has fallen over 74% since hitting its all-time high of $4,800 in 2021. The data shows that 47% of all ETH investors are currently experiencing losses, while a total of 3% are in neutral territory in, meaning their holdings are at the price at which the coins were bought.

Not surprisingly, established companies are the winners in this regard. The composition of Ethereum holders shows that 64% of investors have held their coins for more than a year, which would place the majority of profit-makers in this category. The price of. ETH has also not been this low in over two months, causing short holders who have only held their coins for less than a month to suffer further losses.

Ethereum Investors Begin Accumulating

Market entries and exits can sometimes help determine how investors invest. For the past week, Ethereum trading outflows have continued to exceed inbound volumes, indicating an accumulation trend among investors. Centralized trading inflows for the digital asset over the past seven days are currently $2.83 billion, while outflows are $2.99 ​​billion.

This results in over $100 million in negative net flow as investors withdraw their ETH from exchanges. The same happened in the last day when Ethereum inflows were $183.5 million and outflows were $215.4 million. It shows that the accumulation trend has not abated, and while not as pronounced as Bitcoin’s recorded trend, it is still sufficient to be noticed.

If the accumulation trend increases in the coming days, Ethereum could see a retest of the $1300 resistance level. However, this largely depends on the ability of the cryptocurrency market to recover from the current attack.


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