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Dogecoin is on the cutting edge of future assets

Dogecoin is on the cutting edge of future assets

Dogecoin is on the cutting edge of future assets

Attention is the lifeblood of Dogecoin and other meme coins. Just as earnings determine the price of company stock, the size, and quality of the meme coins that attract attention determine their price movement.

Successful cryptocurrency traders understand that DOGE and its ilk are not just chipped in the “big shitcoin casino” but are tradable derivatives of human attention. They are tradable assets backed by zeitgeists.

Trading meme coins isn’t just about spinning the wheel but about weighing the coin’s valuation against the amount of attention it’s receiving. As a crypto influencer, Cobie said, “Smart traders start selling as ownership and valuation have caught up with attention.”

This means that human attention is being viewed increasingly as one of the scarcest commodities in the world, which is true. We’ve known this for so long that it’s now a cliche to talk about the “attention economy.”

In the 2000s, Web2 companies like Facebook and Snapchat learned to monetize attention. They’ve built apps that grab people’s attention and track their behavior, so they can grab attention and sell to advertisers.

I know this may sound like student nonsense, but as our economic system changes and evolves, it’s only natural that the types of things we value will increase. If human attention is strong enough to drive results for big companies like Meta and Google.

 Why not market directly?

Memecoins are a way to evaluate and trade the attention product in a decentralized way with blockchains and automated market makers; anyone can trade with people’s attention and enthusiasm.

Remember when Joe Rogan got into hot water earlier this year for comments he made on his popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience? In 24 hours, about a dozen Rogan meme coins were released, with one, Marshall Rogan Inu (MRI), surpassing a $50 million market cap. What caused the market capitalization to soar? Back then, MRI was the most popular coin on trading platforms like DEX Screener, it was trending on Twitter, and it had sponsored an MMA fighter. Your review had to keep up with the buzz surrounding the project. Take, for example, DOGE, which soared after Elon Musk took over Twitter. The higher rating was not only due to Musk’s rational, albeit risky, decision to include crypto tokens.

While it’s easy to dismiss all of this as pointless gambling, and I don’t deny the theoretical aspect, that would miss the change under the hood. Memecoins are not based on random dice rolls: they track human attention.

Given the global economy’s headwinds, the creation of new opportunities for speculation and investment is not surprising. Our economies risk faltering due to falling productivity and scarcity of natural resources.

In the future, we will see a rise in temporary aspects of culture becoming tradable commodities. Partial music albums and intellectual property rights are on the way, and thanks to meme coins, people can now trade derivatives based on tabloid jokes and scandals.

DOGE’s massive market cap and the constant parade of micro-cap meme coins show that the value is shifting from real commodities bubbling up from the ground to ephemeral qualities that create culture. And remember, if everyone decides something is valuable, it might as well be.

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