Crypto Market Cap Pushes Past $2T as Major Cryptos Surge

Crypto Market Cap Pushes Past T as Major Cryptos Surge

Bitcoin’s rally to nearly $45K has propelled the increase.

A broad run in the digital asset market, led by bitcoin nearing $45,000, has pushed the total market cap for crypto past $2 trillion, according to CoinGecko data.

  • In the last week, bitcoin has jumped nearly 14%, and ether has risen 12%.
  • Analysts who spoke with CoinDesk previously said that capital controls in Russia are one reason for the rapid appreciation.
  • “Capital controls without demand don’t make an impact on price. Capital controls mean price will deviate to one side or the other depending or where the demand is,” trader and analyst Alex Kruger told CoinDesk in a prior interview.
  • Terra’s LUNA token had a stratospheric rise, climbing nearly 70% during the last week, and is now trading at about $94.
  • Solana’s SOL and other layer 1 tokens like Avalanche’s AVAX and Polkadot’s DOT have also risen. SOL has gained 18.5% this week, while AVAX was up about 16% and DOT nearly 13%.
  • With the recent gains, bitcoin now has a higher market cap than the rapidly declining Russian ruble.
  • Bitcoin has a market cap of about $835 billion, while the ruble has a market cap of around $626 billion. 

This article was originally published on Coindesk by Sam Reynolds

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