China Electric Car Giant BYD shows interest in Luminos Graha Indonesia Sulawesi Nickel Mining Mega Project

China Electric Car Giant BYD shows interest in Luminos Graha Indonesia Sulawesi Nickel Mining Mega Project

The state-of-the-art blockchain-based Luminos Graha Indonesia Sulawesi Nickel Mining Mega Project is garnering attention from leading EV manufacturers.

Jakarta, Indonesia, Oct. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading Indonesian nickel mining company Luminos Graha is pleased to announce that renowned Sino electric car company BYD has recently expressed interest in its state-of-the-art blockchain-based Indonesia Sulawesi Nickel Mining Mega Project, Luminos Mining Protocol. Luminos Graha is driven by the mission to revolutionize the traditional nickel mining sector through blockchain support and has recently attained government endorsement from Sulawesi Central Government for the project.

Luminos Graha represents a collaborative endeavor between Luminos Graha Group and Geneva Capital Singapore, the major Singapore-based investment firm.

In an exclusive interview, Andri, the CEO of Luminos Graha, shared that BYD is looking to sign a joint venture agreement to venture into the nickel mining operation in Indonesia with assistance from Industrial Experts of Luminos Graha Group. Luminos Graha Group has access to 8 different mining concessions, with a total production focus of up to 800,000 tonnes a month of nickel. The company launched its blockchain project earlier this year -the project has been garnering attention in huge scale from several institutions and government agencies ever since its inception.

“We are excited to share with you all that China Electric Car Giant BYD has recently expressed interest in our cutting-edge Indonesia Sulawesi Nickel Mining Mega Project, Luminos Mining Protocol. We are aware of the increasing demand for nickel worldwide, especially given the rising popularity of electric vehicles. And we are aspiring to scale up our mining operations up to 800,000 tonnes a month of nickel and it would be a pleasure to support BYD in its eco-friendly electric car initiative. We are grateful to BYD for believing in us and we are looking forward to a proliferating partnership with them”, stated Andri.

BYD is not the first Chinese mega firm that has been looking at Indonesia nickel mining. Earlier last year, Sinohydro also expressed interest with Luminos Graha Group in supporting the Chinese One Belt One Road initiative and providing nickel supply.

An esteemed name in the nickel mining space for more than 20 years now, Luminos Graha Group boasts an excellent track record for maintaining industry-standard operational practices. Aimed to modernize the traditional nickel mining sector, the company has adopted a real business application approach utilizing blockchain technology to connect the DeFi system with offline businesses to resolve real world problems.

Per the statements of Andri, the Luminos Mining Protocol has been designed to resolve the problems existing in the conventional nickel mining sector. Workers in nickel mines often complain about operational safety issues- on the other hand, the risk and cost of accessing high-quality ores have jumped up to an exorbitant rate. Besides, nickel miners are facing challenges with verification of traceable activities and maintaining accuracy of information. Moreover, the traditional nickel mining chain is overly complicated.

“Our cutting-edge blockchain-based Luminos Mining Protocol is designed to assure safe operational conditions inside nickel mines. Our project will also work to guarantee the quality of ore with an au5thentic quality certificate. Moreover, the incorporation of blockchain technology will keep the transactions traceable and simplify the existing complicated mining value chain.”

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