Cardano (ADA) Gets into Largest BNB Chain Whales’ Top Purchases

Cardano (ADA) Gets into Largest BNB Chain Whales’ Top Purchases

Cardano’s native token ADA has become a top buy for large asset holders on the BNB network. According to WhaleStats, the top 100 members of this group of investors bought ADA for an average of 10,308 tokens, equivalent to $2,750, over the past 24 hours. The BNB whales, of course, are buying the wrapped version of the Cardano token, which currently accounts for 0.67% of these whales’ total portfolio. His possessions are 19.34 million ADA worth $5.15 million. According to BscScan, the number of Binance Peg Cardano token holders stands at 506,404 addresses and is still growing. In comparison, the number of these wallets at the beginning of December was down by 6,000, an increase of 1.1%.

Key highlights of the week for Cardano

Another week in the life of Cardano ended quite positively. According to the weekly development report, three blockchain projects have been officially launched, and their number now stands at 111. The number of smart contracts written on Cardano’s Plutus platform has also increased significantly – in the last week; it has increased by another 400. It is approaching the mark of 5000 smart contracts. In addition to the quantitative metrics, it’s worth noting that the Lace Wallet is available for public testing. Evidence for Hydra and Mithril concepts is also evolving.


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