Billionaire Justin Sun Announces Launch of New TRON-Powered AI Infrastructure and Payments Network

Billionaire Justin Sun Announces Launch of New TRON-Powered AI Infrastructure and Payments Network

Apparently, Justin Sun has announced that Tron (TRX) will be releasing a new decentralized payment platform for AI systems.

In a new Twitter thread, the Tron creator claims that OpenAI, whose artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has recently gone viral, can use the framework.

The framework incorporates the blockchain’s smart contract system, a payment layer protocol, a software development kit for making phone calls, and a gateway for payments made using artificial intelligence. Smart contracts are being used to save user inquiries and AI findings on the BTFS (BitTorrent File System) network.

The interaction layer provides users with normal settlement and an API for AI services, while the payment layer protocol enables secure currency settlement on the chain. To realize the goals of fully decentralized storage and DAO [decentralized autonomous organization] governance, TRX and BTT [BitTorrent] will play pivotal roles.

To aid in the development of a new decentralized intelligent financial ecosystem, this framework will materialize a decentralized payment system that is secure, trustworthy, tamper-proof, anti-censorship, and capable of AI.

According to Sun, the use of smart contracts on Tron will streamline the payment process for AI engineers and allow for automatic payments.

Sun’s announcement does not appear to have affected the price of TRX. At the time of writing, one unit of the eighteenth most valuable cryptocurrency by market value could be purchased for $0.0634, an increase of almost 1.6% over the past seven days.

Microsoft, the world’s largest software and services company, stated last month that it will be investing “multiyear, multibillion dollars” in OpenAI in order to “accelerate AI discoveries.”

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