Battle Infinity Fantasy Sports P2E Platform Has Found the Sweet Spot

Battle Infinity Fantasy Sports P2E Platform Has Found the Sweet Spot

Play-to-earn (P2E) games like Axie Infinity have been in something of a slump recently with players getting tired of long grinds and repetitive earning mechanics. However, that’s not to say P2E gaming is dead, the focus simply needs to shift toward gameplay.

The Issue with P2E Gaming

Play-to-earn gaming has become incredibly popular over the past few years with some games growing to be worth billions. However, the sector seems to be in decline with even the top blockchain games slowly dropping in numbers.

AXS 1-Year Chart (CoinMarketCap)

With that said, it’s important to understand that Splinterlands and Axie Infinity’s declining player count necessarily represent a decrease in demand for new P2E titles. Instead, it highlights the need for better-designed games that focus their efforts on engaging the player rather than bribing them with earning mechanics.

With the crypto downtrend causing many P2E gamers to pack up and leave, only fun and engaging projects with a focus on gameplay will survive.

Fantasy Sports

As it stands today, a large percentage of P2E gamers will switch between titles depending on what offers the greatest potential for returns, leading to unloyal players and forcing games to compete on rewards rather than gameplay.

IBAT Premier League (

However, with sports enthusiasts being perhaps the most dedicated group of fans out there, blending fantasy sports and cryptocurrency presents a huge opportunity. Any project that could successfully merge crypto and fantasy sports in an engaging way will likely perform extremely well over the long-term and a new game dubbed Battle Infinity has arisen to do exactly that,

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a new project blending fantasy sports, P2E gaming, and DeFi to create an engaging and useful ecosystem that has been resonating with players in a big way.

While the Battle Infinity ecosystem will contain a range of player-vs-player games as well as DeFi elements like staking and an in-built exchange, it first and foremost has a focus on creating a fantasy sports platform to rival the likes of Dream11 and Mobile Premier League, both of which boast tens of millions of users.

Battle Infinity 16,500 BNB Raised (

In order to appeal to the Asia-Pacific region, which makes up more than 50% of global gamers, Battle Infinity’s fantasy sports offering named IBAT Premier League will initially launch dedicated to cricket. However, later down the line, the project will support announce support for other sports like football, helping to build a large global audience.

With the release of the IBAT Premier League and the IBAT Battle Games collection, Battle Infinity will cement its status as a gameplay-first P2E project. This will likely result in a huge amount of demand during both downtrends and times of prosperity.

Battle Infinity has come at the perfect time, there’s a clear demand for crypto games that focus on gameplay rather than repetitive mechanics and a severe lack of projects fulfilling these requirements.

Battle Infinity already boasts strong demand, with the presale selling out 65-days ahead of schedule. As such, it’s worth checking out the project today before the release of new features pushes demand and price even higher.

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